High School Principal’s Welcome

Dear Providence Hall Community,

When we broke ground on the High School in 2013, I looked at the rocky landscape and thought about all the challenges the engineers would face as they built the foundation of the school. I also speculated about the metaphorical foundation we were building and my role in those blueprints. Eight years later, we have doubled in size, earned the highest levels of accolades in athletics and activities, but most importantly we continuously graduate hundreds of students that encompass the skills and character needed to shape a better and kinder future existence.

Our values and school mission are the bedrock of our success. They have empowered us to make educational decisions that have cultivated students who think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly. These three attributes are vital for their success in college and in the workplace. Additionally, they will assist our students as they navigate both their future and current interpersonal relationships.

PHHS’s greatest asset is our faculty and staff. They are dedicated to developing the whole student and believe in leading by example. As we have entrusted them to carry out the vision and mission within their defined roles, they have closed achievement gaps, increased course opportunities, and developed and participated in a multitude of student activities. To this end, they have made PHHS a haven for students of all talents and abilities. As their efforts and opinions are valued, their actions will continue to propel us forward and sustain our growth.

During the construction of PHHS Mr. Marshall gave me a tour. His enthusiasm and plans for the building made me believe that he had a clear vision about what Providence Hall would become, both literally and figuratively. For the past eight years, under his tutelage, I have grown in both character and knowledge and have witnessed the impact this vision has had on the lives of our students and employees. As I attempt to fill our Founding Principal’s shoes, I will continue to let that vision guide our decisions. We will hold onto the traditions that have sustained us, while looking for opportunities to adapt and maintain stability.

Providence Hall is a special place, and I’m lucky to call it home. Go Patriots!

Melissa McPhail
Principal, Providence Hall High School