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General Information

Current Seniors: Make plans to visit a college campus, speak to college advisors, register to receive mailers for important information from colleges that interest you.

Utah College Application Week


Each October, for one week, Providence Hall High School participates in Utah College Application Week. UCAW is a great opportunity for Seniors to become familiar with the college application process and apply for a college of their choice. Across the state of Utah, 25 school districts and 83 schools participate in College Application Week and over 21,000 applications were submitted in 2015 alone. Providence Hall recognizes the importance of preparing our students for life after high school and through UCAW, we are able to help students take the first step in choosing to continue their education after high school and to fill out the appropriate college applications.

During UCAW students will be able to:

  • Research several colleges or universities that best meet their educational goals and needs

  • Learn about the college application process and what colleges are looking for when applying

  • Fill out at least one college application form from a higher ed institution of their choice

  • And, become more comfortable applying for colleges and build confidence in their future academic pursuits

Although we encourage all Seniors to participate in UCAW, we also understand and respect your decision to decline participation for your student in UCAW. If you wish for your student to opt-out of Utah College Application Week here at Providence Hall, we ask that you contact your school counselor as soon as possible. Thank you!

College Representatives at Providence Hall

Throughout each school year, the students at Providence Hall High School have many opportunities to learn about their educational choices after high school.  Many of these opportunities are in the form of college representatives coming to our school to meet with our students and provide them with more information about their respective schools so they are better prepared to make decisions on which schools they would like to apply to or attend.  Although our staff at Providence Hall does a great job of preparing our students for life after high school, we believe these college representatives offer a chance for students to get a better understanding of a particular college or university’s academic programs and overall campus life.  Students are able to participate in these meetings with college representatives by visiting with them throughout the year when they visit our school.  Most often, the representatives set up a booth or display in our commons and are able to meet casually with students or arrange more formal meetings with the student and his/her parents or guardians.  Students wishing to speak with these college reps simply need to be aware of when they are on campus (listening to daily announcements) or they may talk with their school counselor to find out about any upcoming representative visits.  If you do not wish for your student to participate in these college representative meetings please contact your son or daughter’s school counselor.  Thank you for your cooperation!



It is never too early to start thinking and planning for college! Scholarships are available for students of all ages. It may require a lot of time and effort to find and apply for scholarships so get started today!

Preparing & Paying for College


Money from companies or organizations who want to reward students for community involvement, academics, diversity, etc. that does not need to be repaid.
You should never have to pay to apply for scholarships or to have someone else find opportunities for you.

Financial Aid (FAFSA)

All seniors should apply for government aid for college. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.gov) is available for seniors beginning October 1st. What’s in it for you? Grants, Loans, and Work-study. After you apply for FAFSA you should contact your intended college to understand your award eligibility.


Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) offers 529 college saving plans. (usep.org)

Videos and Other Info

Financial Aid 101
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