High School Official Transcript Request

  • During the SCHOOL YEAR please allow five (5) calendar school days (not business days) to process transcript requests(s).

  • During the SUMMER office hours are limited. Please allow ten (10) days to process transcript request(s).

  • It takes institutions about two (2) weeks to post transcripts once they are received, so please do not make a request to re-send transcripts within a month’s time, as it bogs down systems at both ends of the request.

  • You are responsible for providing accurate information on where to send official transcripts, SO READ APPLICATION DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY that universities/colleges, educational institutions, and scholarships provide and contact them if needed! If you provide incorrect information on where to send official transcripts you may need to complete a new request and you may not meet deadlines stated by universities/colleges, educational Institutions, and scholarships.

  • The transcript request form below must also be filled out if you want to pick up an official transcript in a sealed and stamped envelope in-person. Only the student or whoever the student names in the request form may pick up the transcript and must show ID at the time of pick up. Keep in mind that if the sealed and stamped envelope is opened by anyone prior to it being received by the college, educational institution, or scholarship, then the transcript is no longer official.

  • If the transcript request is being made for a student/former student who is of legal age (18 or older), then that student/former student must complete the Official Transcript Request form.

Direct all questions regarding high school transcripts via email to our Enrollment Coordinator,
Kristin Adams (kadams@providencehall.com)


If you took the ACT and requested your score be sent to Providence Hall High School, then that score will be on your official transcript.

If you took the ACT or SAT privately or at another school, then those scores will not be on file with us or on an official transcript from us.

The best way to get your ACT or SAT scores to the scholarship, college, or educational institution is to go directly to the ACT or SAT website, login with the login information you set up when you registered for the test, and request through that website for your official scores to be sent to where you need them to go. If you forgot your login information for those sites, then follow the directions on those site an how to recover your login information.