High School Sports

Patriot pride! At Providence Hall we proudly compete at the 3A level in Region 15 under the UHSAA. Our dedicated teachers and coaches encourage our students to perform and grow both academically and in the interests they choose to pursue.

We’re so proud of our hard-working students, as we have won 5 region championships in sports and activities in just our 5th year of participation.


At Providence Hall we understand the importance of having a proper balance of an extensive education while pursuing other passions, whether it’s the sports or the arts.

Being involved in a team or in your community is a big part of the mission and philosophy at Providence Hall. Not only does being on a team encourage our students to continue to work hard at their education, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn other skills, such as perseverance and communication.


If you aren’t part of a team and want to be, check out one of the many amazing teams we have at Providence Hall. Not seeing one you’re interested in? You can also check out our wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. We always encourage our students to pursue something new while attending school at Providence Hall.