Section 504


Section 504 is a federal civil rights law under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It provides protection against discrimination for individuals with disabilities. Section 504 is designed to provide equal access and fairness in general education to students with disabilities, thereby leveling the playing field for them through what is known as a Section 504 Accommodation Plan. The Section 504 Accommodation Plan is not mentioned in the law or regulations but is a good way to document efforts. It is not a plan designed to enhance a student’s performance. It is a plan to provide fairness and equal access to education.

When a student has not responded positively to research-based interventions in an intervention plan and/or has a suspected disability, the school’s intervention team may determine to conduct an evaluation for special education and/or Section 504.

A student is entitled to a Section 504 Accommodation Plan if they have been identified and the school’s evaluation shows that the individual has a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. This determination is made by a team of knowledgeable individuals, including the parents, who are familiar with the student and his/her disability.

For more information or questions about Section 504 please contact your student's counselor.