Attendance Information

At Providence Hall Charter School we have a strong commitment to a quality education, therefore we are concerned when a student misses school for any reason. The process of education requires a continuity of instruction, class participation, learning experience, and study. Frequent absences of students from day-to-day classroom experiences disrupt the educational and instructional process. 

Attendance Policy

Please refer the Attendance Policy in the 5000-Students section in our Policies for information on excused absences, unexcused/truant absences, Tardies, Administrative Penalties, Appeals Procedure, and Release from Compulsory Education.

Utah Compulsory Attendance Laws (Code 53A-11-101-105) requires that every school age child (6-18) be enrolled in school and attend regularly.
Parents and students are responsible for regular and punctual attendance of all their classes.

  1. A note or phone call explaining a student’s absence is required of each day a student misses school to excuse a student’s absences. 

  2. All students, regardless of age, are required to have a parent/guardian excuse absences and/or tardies (if applicable. 

  3. A parent/guardian has ten (10) school days after the date of an absence to excuse the absence and/or tardy (if applicable).

Pre-Planned Absences

A student may be excused from school attendance (won’t affect a student’s no grade status) up to a maximum of ten (10) school days per school year (all ten [10] days at one time or a total of ten [10] days over multiple requests) only if school’s specific form for this is fully complete, submitted, and approved by administration prior to the absences taking place.

Please contact the front office of the school with questions.