Visitors and Guests
Providence Hall welcome visitors and guests at Providence Hall for the types of visits listed below without becoming approved volunteers.
All visitors and guests must properly check in at the front office and receive a visitor/guest badge if the visit is during school days/hours.

  • to attend a special school one-time event as an attendee when sitting in a group audience as a spectator or when in a group that is visiting booths/displays at a large scale event, such as an awards ceremony, assembly, play, presentation, sports game, BizTown, science/health fair, etc. (this does not apply to chaperones or those who are helping or assisting with the event)

  • to attend school to eat lunch with their student as parents/guardians (or family members who are listed in Skyward or with permission from a parent/guardian) when sitting in the general school cafeteria group setting

  • to be a guest speaker or presenter at the school for educational purposes to a group of students when the students are supervised by their Providence Hall teacher or other Providence Hall employee who is designated to supervise the group of students

Guests and visitors cannot have any unsupervised exposure or contact with students at any time during their visit, which means that they must be in the direct line of sight of a Providence Hall employee at all times. Any guest or visitor who violates this requirement will be asked to leave and may lose their privilege of returning as a visitor or guest in the future at Providence Hall.  

Additionally, those listed below do not need to become approved volunteers:

  • those who come into the front office area to conduct brief school-related business and are in the presence of a Providence Hall employee at all times

  • those who come for brief school-related business meetings and are in the presence of a Providence Hall employee at all times

The examples below are some, but not all, of the activities that require you to follow the volunteer process on this page to become an approved Providence Hall volunteer before participating in them.

  • attending a special school one-time event where you will not be sitting in a group audience as a spectator or you will not be in a group that is visiting booths/displays at a large scale event, such as coming to your student's classroom party or visiting your student's classroom

  • helping or assisting with a special school event, such as an awards ceremony, assembly, play, presentation, sports, BizTown, science/health fair, etc.

  • helping in a classroom, the front office, lunchroom, the library, other area of the school, etc.

  • helping with/chaperoning a field trip or attending a field trip where you will be assigned to a group of students whether or not you are assigned the group with another person

  • riding in a Providence Hall bus or in a Providence vehicle with students

  • chaperoning an event or dance

  • assisting or helping in athletics practices/camps/games, clubs, music/drama events, etc.

If you are unsure about whether the activity you want to participate in requires you to be an approved volunteer, then you can contact skirsch@providencehall.com.

Providence Hall has established procedures that adhere to Utah state law requiring screening prospective volunteers.

Return all forms/documents
via email only to skirsch@providencehall.com
(do not give them to anyone else or to a front office secretary).

Once you begin the process with Step 1 below, you will receive emails of your progress through the steps,
ending with an email letting you know when you are an approved volunteer for the school year.


You must complete/submit the volunteer preferences & agreements Google form
every school year to remain an active Volunteer.

Volunteer Preferences & Agreements Google Form
(Complete/Sign & Submit)

Click the Volunteer Preferences & Agreements Google Form link above
to complete & submit the Google form.


To be an approved volunteer you must have
a clear background check that is in the BCI system
with Rapback service linked to Providence Hall.

If you need to do this step, you will be emailed the needed paperwork
and directions on how to complete this step
after you submit the Google form in Step 1.

Do not get fingerprinted unless you receive an email
from skirsch@providencehall.com instructing you to do so
because you may already be linked to Providence Hall
in the BCI Rapback system or we may be able to transfer (clone) your background/fingerprints from another Utah public/charter school over to Providence Hall.