Fee Waiver Information

  • Applying for a Fee Waiver does not guarantee eligibility.

  • Every school year a new Fee Waiver Application & Current Income Verification must be submitted.

  • Fee waivers are not retroactive and are in effect the date of approval (past due fees cannot be cleared).

  • Fee Waiver Applications and Free & Reduced Priced Meal Applications are NOT the same application. Free & Reduced Priced Meal Applications must be made separately from a Fee Waiver Application. Click here to go to the Food Services page.

Directions for Completing a Fee Waiver

Follow the steps below to apply for a Fee Waiver.

  1. Download and read the School Fees Notice (see buttons below).

  2. Download and complete a fee waiver application (see buttons below).

  3. The school Fee Waiver Administrator (School Principal) reviews your submitted Fee Waiver Application & Income Verification to determine eligibility.

  4. You will receive a Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form with the decision. Keep this copy for your record.

Please contact the appropriate school’s front office, (801) 727-8260 with any questions.

Single Application for Entire Family

  • A family having more than one student enrolled in Providence Hall may submit one fee waiver application which will determine eligibility for fee waivers for all students in the family.

  • The fee waiver application and income verification must be submitted to the campus at which the oldest student is enrolled and clearly identify the names and grade levels of the other students in the family.

Application Deadlines

Fee waiver applications and fee waiver eligibility verification must be received by the campus Fee Administrator within thirty (30) days of one of the following:

  • The first day of school for which the student is scheduled to begin school

  • A change of financial circumstances for the family

Duration of Fee Waiver

Once granted, a fee waiver lasts for the duration of the school year in which it was granted or the financial circumstances of the family change.

Change of Financial Circumstances

If a student or their family experiences a change of financial circumstances, the family may submit a fee waiver application and income verification (following the directions and deadline as shown on this page) to be considered for full fee waiver, proportional fee waiver, or a reduced fee waive depending on when the request is made during the school year.

Elementary Fee Waiver Administrator

Principal Michael Fry

Junior High Fee Waiver Administrator

Principal Chris Winfree

High School Fee Waiver Administrator

Principal Melissa McPhail