Fee Waiver Information

  • Applying for a Fee Waiver does not guarantee eligibility.

  • Every school year a new Fee Waiver Application & Current Income Verification must be submitted.

  • Fee waivers are not retroactive and are in effect the date of approval (past due fees cannot be cleared).

  • Fee Waiver Applications and Free & Reduced Priced Meal Applications are NOT the same application. Free & Reduced Priced Meal Applications must be made separately from a Fee Waiver Application. Click here to go to the Food Services page.

Directions for Completing a Fee Waiver

Follow the steps below to apply for a Fee Waiver.

  1. Download and read the School Fees Notice (see buttons below).

  2. Download and complete a fee waiver application (see buttons below). You need to complete a separate application for each student (cannot list more than one student per application). 

  3. The school Principal reviews your submitted Fee Waiver Application & Income Verification to determine eligibility.

  4. You will receive a Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form with the decision. Keep this copy for your record.

Please contact the appropriate school’s front office, (801) 727-8260 with any questions.