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Nathan Marshall
Executive Director
801-727-8260 ext. 4000
Beverly Ledward
Business Administrator
801-727-8260 ext.4006
Suzanne Kirsch
Central Office Administrator
801-727-8260 ext.4174
Diane Hansen
Human Resources & Business Administrator
801-727-8260 ext. 4002
Andrea Hurd
Human Resources Administrator
801-727-8260 ext.4002
Sherry Chapman
Payroll & Purchasing Administrator
801-727-8260 ext.4162
Kristin Adams
Data Specialist
801-727-8260 ext.3106
Monica Brown
Special Education Director
801-727-8260 ext. 3115
Maura Yellen
Jayna Collingridge
Speech Pathologist
Kimberly Desautels
Occupational Therapist
Christy Ryan-Christopherson
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Julie Gallegos
Special Education Office Staff
Taylor Dexter
ELL Coordinator
801-727-8260 ext. 3215
Victoria Brown
Technology Systems Manager
801-727-8260 ext.4110
Matt Turnbaugh
IT Network Systems & Security
801-727-8260 ext.4110
Tyler Wolfe
IT Technician
801-727-8260 ext.4110
Jackie Nelson
Transportaion Coordinator
801-727-8260 ext.4172
Mapu Weiss
Food Services Director
801-727-8260 ext.3205