Junior High Overview

Welcome to Providence Hall! We strive to provide an environment that encourages students to think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly in an ever-changing global community. We emphasize this through inquiry-based teaching and learning, character education taught at all grade levels, an emphasis on action, and providing service to our community thereby creating global citizens. Students are also able to grow holistically by participating in sports and visual and performing arts opportunities all in a small-school environment. We invite you to learn how Providence Hall prepares our students for the future by providing them a world-class education.


Students at Providence Hall receive an outstanding education from teachers who know and care about them, an administration who sees to their needs, and a Board who truly looks out for their best interest. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their learning. They experience new electives, learn new languages, try new sports in PE and take action on what they are learning. Starting in 6th grade, our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of elective and extracurricular activities which include band, orchestra, guitar, choir, and visual arts. Students can also participate in basketball, volleyball, cross country and soccer through the Utah Charter Athletic League.


Not all junior highs are created equal. Because of Providence Hall’s emphasis on inquiry-based and discussion-led learning, our junior high students are uniquely prepared for their high school and college years. We offer small class sizes, hands-on learning, student support services, Special Education classes, and a wide variety of class choices. Our teachers and staff are continuously trained to be able to meet the needs of our students in these transitional years . When students attend Providence Hall, they feel empowered to achieve their goals and prepared for the future that awaits them.


Providence Hall enrolls students on a lottery-based system. Simply submit your child’s application into our pool and we run a lottery annually, then regularly after that, to determine which children will be added to our amazing list of attending students. Drawing names from a lottery ensures there are no biases or pre-qualifications for attendance. We strive to provide equal opportunity to all students and potential students. For information on submitting an application for your children to participate in the lottery, you can find instructions on our Lottery & Enrollment Information Page .