Junior High Sports & Athletics Overview

We offer a variety of sports and athletics for our students at our Junior High. We believe this is a great way for our students to gain valuable skills in teamwork, and it’s a great opportunity to prepare our students to participate in our high school athletics programs. Starting in sixth grade, our students are provided an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports programs and PE classes.


At Providence Hall, we understand how important it is to balance academics with physical activity, such as sports or extracurricular activities. Sports give unique opportunities to learn how to participate in a team, practice good sportsmanship, and boost self-esteem and confidence. Starting sports in junior high is a great way to explore different activities and discover what your child may want to pursue in high school. All our sports follow CDC guidelines to ensure that our athletes stay safe and healthy.

As a charter school, we participate in the Utah Charter and Small Schools Athletic League (UCSSAL) and compete against other charter schools in the area. The sports we offer are:

  • Cross Country (Co-Ed)

  • Girls Volleyball

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Basketball

  • Boys Soccer

  • Girls Soccer


If you need more information or details about each of our many programs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have! Practice times and meets often change, so make sure to check the school newsletter or listen to morning announcements for more information.