Junior High Dance Team



Ms. Brown has been dancing since she was four years old and has loved it ever since! She was even a dancer at Providence Hall and taught as an assistant coach during her senior year. After graduating, Ms. Brown became the instructor for our Junior High dance team. She has been teaching at Providence for three years and loves watching her girls grow both as dancers and as people.



Part of our core philosophy is to help students learn through self-motivated curiosity and drive. Our Junior High dance team allows students in grades 6-8 a great opportunity to engage in this philosophy by providing a place where students who are passionate about dance can learn jazz, hip hop, and pom dance styles.

The team meets after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Classes count towards an extracurricular credit and always focus on learning choreography to prepare students to showcase their skills in performances. Students on the team are prepped to be ready to transfer to either the High School dance or cheer team if desired.



To help students succeed and grow as responsible dancers and citizens, participation in the dance team is dependent on students meeting a few requirements:

  • Passing tryouts* which happen in the spring

  • Following any dance classroom codes of conduct or dress

  • Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or higher

  • Obtaining teacher recommendations

  • Dressing out on spirit days to foster school spirit and unity

*Tryouts are open to anyone who is willing to learn and grow their dance skills while keeping the above requirements.



Our dance team isn’t just about theory. We want our students to be able to showcase their talents by participating in a variety of performance opportunities:

  • Volleyball Games

  • Basketball Games

  • Spring Talent Show

  • End-of-year Showcase

Aside from performance opportunities, the dance team provides a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and learn to work on a team.



Interested in joining the High School cheer team someday? Our dance team teaches pom styles and prepares you for cheering on the team once you enter 9th grade. We even provide opportunities to cheer at school sports games to help get you ready!

There are no additional fees associated with learning cheer on our dance team, and no additional uniforms will need to be purchased aside from what is already required.



See the Fee Schedule.



If you are passionate about dancing or just looking to grow your skills, we would love to have you on our team! Talk to your parents/guardians about trying out for the team, or ask Ms. Brown any questions you may have about joining.