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Providence Hall Association of Students and Teachers is our parent, teacher, and student organization. Unlike the PTA, this is not an organization you have to buy into. When you enroll your child into Providence Hall, all parents automatically become a member of PHAST, to what extent is up to you! PHAST provide support for the schools with special projects, fundraising, teacher appreciation, and family events.  Stay updated follow us on Facebook, Providence Hall PHAST Parents.


We need you! There are many different opportunities to get involved and you can control the amount of time you commit to. Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities link to see the many different committees you can serve on.  



Your donations really make a difference! 100% of money raised is used in our schools for student activities such as Prom and Graduation, Teacher and Staff Appreciation, school improvement such as sound systems and projector screens, field trips, family events, and more. Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be made at:

1. No Fuss Fundraiser

The Providence Hall No Fuss Fundraiser is a great way to raise money without having students spend your time and resources selling items. We are asking for a $20 donation per student, but are grateful for donations of any amount.

  • For every $10 donation you will receive a free wristband to the Spring Carnival.
  • For every $15 you'll receive a free wristband and a free Providence Hall Patriot Pride T-shirt, while supplies last.
  • For every $20 you'll receive a free wristband and your choice of a Providence Hall Baseball Tee (while supplies last) or a second free wristband.

Donations can be made on our square store, paypal, or venmo. When placing your donations please list students name, grade, and your contact information for questions (text prefered).

2. 10 Year Anniversary Apparel

This year we celebrate 10 Years! Purchase 10 Year Anniversary Apparel to help raise money for our schools and to spread school spirit! Hoodies can be worn any day at every school. Athletic Shirts can be worn on Fridays at the Elementary School with dress code approved pants, Fridays at the Junior High, and on T-Shirt Tuesday at the High School. Wear apparel to sporting events, school events, or gift them to your favorite teacher!! See what we have on our square store or our Facebook page, Providence Hall PHAST Parents.

3. The Box Tops App & Box Tops

This is not just for the Elementary, all three schools benefit! We have reached $5,000 of our $12,000 goal! Download the Box Tops for Education Bonus App, to raise money, see our progress, and receive discounts! The app is great for earning free Box Tops, for instance in January the App has if you purchase 4 specific items at a specific store you can get 50 Box Tops free!

Start clipping and send in those Box Tops!

  • Elementary: Every month, instead of the collection sheets, we are now sending envelopes you can return your physical and App Box Tops (the app emails you a printout when earned). 12 Box Tops a month gets your child a dress down day. While we appreciate any monetary donations, dress down is only earned with Box Tops. Dress Down Dates and Class List.
  • Junior High: Send them in as you get them, the Junior High has incentives the whole school gets to take part in when they reach their goals. Don't have Box Tops but want to help, send your student in with change to put in the Box Tops jar.
  • High School: Any Box Tops you wish to donate please contact fundraising@providencehall.com to coordinate pick up or send in an envelope to the front office marked for PHAST Fundraising. We will use the Box Tops to give students at the Elementary dress down days that never earn them but the money earned still benefits the High School.

Learn more at: https://www.boxtops4education.com/

3. Amazon

Start shopping at SMILE.AMAZON.COM when shopping for Amazon items. Just connect your current Amazon account and choose Providence Hall as the organization you want to support. It should stay connected on your desktop, just be sure to remember SMILE.AMAZON.COM when using your phone or tablet.


4. Smiths Rewards

Connect your Smith's rewards card to Providence Hall! The school will receive 0.5% on eligible purchases. You must renew this every year. https://www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/topic/school-programs

We are always seeking business and monetary donations, as well as parents to join our fundraising committee. For questions about Box Tops, apparel, and other fundraising needs contact Fundraising@providencehall.com.


In our schools Charter it states to attend Providence Hall families need to volunteer 40 hours a year, per family, or 4 hours a month to attend. We provide lots of opportunities for you to meet those hours and help our school out in fun ways! 

1. How do I log my hours?

We are using SignUp.com this year, parents have been asking for something they can access on their mobile devices, and we listened. Each schools has its own Signup.com page where we have current volunteer opportunities and a sign up for logging your hours. It doesn't matter which school page you log your hours under as they are all connected. IMPORTANT! You will have to use the Volunteer Hours sign up on these school pages to log any hours that aren't connected to any other sign up. This is the only way to connect your hours with our school. Hours logged anywhere else in SignUp.com, or the on signup.com app, are meant to be for your records only. They are, a way to quickly put them in before reporting to the school, if you want detailed records, or add up hours from a different school. Volunteer hours being reported to the school do not have to be as detailed. Please read this whole section about Signup.com carefully as it will save you a lot of time and stress.

  • Save the links to the school you want as a shortcut on your phone, computer, or any electronic device! This is even easier than using the app. WHY? Doing things this way makes it so we don't have to send emails and invitations to every single sign up to every single parent. Just remember to check it out periodically! Also, to protect the privacy of our children you cannot search for our school in SignUp.com, it will tell you that you have to receive an invitation. Unfortunately, invitations can't be sent for group pages only individual sign ups, to keep from sending too many emails, you need to use the links for each schools group page.
  • We recommend saving a mobile shortcut for the group pages you want to follow to your electronic device. It works exactly the same as the app for logging hours, but you can't access group pages. If you would like to receive individual invitations for all signups pertaining to a certain school so you can best utilize the app please email volunteering@providencehall.com

2. Do I have to create an account?

  • No, SignUp.com is free and you do not need an account to use it. Once you have logged hours, or signed up for something, PHAST Parents will can send you invitations to future sign ups.
  • Yes... you will want to create a SignUp.com account if you would like to access hour reports, customize what opportunities you want to see, receive reminder emails for things you have signed up for, and grant PHAST Parents permission to email invitations to upcoming volunteer opportunities. It's fast and simple to create.

3. Some hours are logged automatically for you!

  • With Sign Up.com you can sign up for a volunteer opportunity, you will receive a reminder email to confirm you participated in the activity, or checked in. Once you "check in" the time will automatically be logged for you! You would only need to log hours that are not associated with a sign up.

4. Spend less time creating more hours!

  • Time spent purchasing, making, and transporting items count as volunteer hours! Have your child help you to double your volunteer hours!

5. Save These Links! They are case sensitive.

  • Elementary School Needs & Volunteer Log


  • Junior High Needs & Hours Log


  • High School Needs & Hours Log


  • Direct Link to Log Hours


Questions? Contact Information.

2017-2018 PHAST Board Executive Officers

President- Triana Ord

Secretary/Communications- Angie Fugate

Treasurer- Liz Starley

Board Liaison/Spring Carnival- Lymari Muniz

Elementary VP- Missy Glancy

Junior High VP- DeShawn Teuscher

High School VP- Lindsey Bentley

-HS Club Coordinator- Frances Burgeson

-Volunteer Committee Chair- Tina Miller

-Room Parent Coordinator- Open Position

-Birthday Recognition Coordinator- Open Position 

-Art Department Coordinator- Floresa Thurston

-Fundraising Committee Chair- Chrystal Wilcox

-Book Fair Coordinator- Kerrin Paulsen

-Box Tops Coordinator- Dusty Lohmoelder

-Marketing Design Coordinator- Emily Capito

-Event Coordinator - Open Position 

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